Zym Catapult Hydration Tablets Berry

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ZYM is the fuel that hydrates athletes on-the-go.

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ZYM is the fuel that hydrates athletes on-the-go. ZYM is a small tablet that quickly dissolves in water, giving you a portable and powerful way to replenish lost electrolytes. Great for runners, cyclists, high-performance athletes and the average Joe that need quick, effective hydration, ZYM delivers the essentials your body needs to keep moving. ZYM Catapult formula has a berry flavor and is designed to replenish electrolytes with an energy boost. The formula is infused with guaraná (100 mg of caffeine); a natural stimulant to maintain stamina and combat fatigue. Just drop it, dissolve it, and down it.

  • Electrolytes_ hydrates + prevents cramps
  • 100mg of caffeine_ energy boost
  • Vitamin B12_helps prevent the caffeine jitters
  • No sugar_ clean finish
  • Helps regulate water balance in the body
  • Drop It: Drop one ZYM tablet in 16-20 oz of water. ZYM is made for a reusable water bottle.
  • Dissolve It: Let it fizz for a minute or two. Add ice.
  • Down It: Drink before and during your event.

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